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Wild rice/alfredo recipes

Hi, all,

For you passover-observant folk, just a note to remind you that it's not just
quinoa that is not officially a grain and therefore forbidden...wild 'rice' is
really a type of grass!!  It looks bizarre when you're used to using brown
rice in a certain dish but it's still yummy and should pass muster just fine.

For dd who was looking for creamy alfredo recipes, etc. using silken tofu, the
answer is YES!  The recipe I use I was sure I found here, but it's not in the
archives.  I've also made amazingly creamy non-dairy sour cream substitute
with it (add vinegar or lemon juice to taste - one makes a yogurt sub but I
forgot which is which) and there are several smoothie recipies on the Veggies
Unite! site that I'm going to try one of these days....but here's the sauce
you were looking for:

Joanne's Friend's Alfredo Sauce

2 pkg. lite silken tofu
1 1/2 c (one can) veggie broth
2t chickeny seasoning
1t onion powder
1/2 c fatfree parmesan
1T butter flavoring or to taste

Blend everything thoroughly in a blender, heat through and serve over your
favorite pasta.

That's it according to what I copied...no one would suspect that there is no
cream in this.  I use a hand blender, nutritional yeast along with or instead
of parmesan and more butter flavoring than the recipe calls for.  I've also
used V8 juice instead of broth, and added spinach for an ugly green but
healthy and tasty sauce (this was two separate meals, not V8 and spinach at
the same time).  NOTE:  the basic recipe wouldn't be vlf if you used a lot of
sauce but it tastes so rich that you really only need a little bit per
serving.  Enjoy!