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Re: Rodion Allphin <rallphin@xxxxxxxx>

On Sun, 08 Mar 1998 16:11:52 -0700 Workman <workmanr@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>>really good choice is "Just Veggies" that Dixie carries.  One of my
>>health-food stores has started to carry the small packages, but not 
>the tubs yet.  They are whole peas, corn, small carrot cubes and slivers

>of red pepper that have been cooked and then dried quickly and they 
>reconsitute very quickly.  They look just like the veggies you get in
>Fantastic soups.

I bought Just Veggies at a nearby health food store, and yes, they are a
tasty snack (the label says eat like popcorn) BUT they cost a fortune!  
I've seen these little plastic tubs in a lot of stores lately, and they
charge $5 for 4 oz. of dried carrots, corn, peas and tomatoes.  Way too
much for these to be more than an occasional luxury  --- for $5 I can get
an awful lot of popcorn instead :)


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