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Animal protein

Shiloh said:

> I don't understand making a distinction
> between animal protein and other kinds since all proteins are made up of
> many of the same amino acids, unless there are some amino acids that are
> only found in animal products and these cause osteoperosis.  Most healthy
> foods have protein in them (even lettuce has some)   so even a vegan will
> often eat more protein than is necessary provided she is eating a healthy
> diet.
If I remember correctly, according to Dr. McDougall, vegetable
proteins are superior because they don't have all the artery-clogging
crap that animal proteins have.  And it's the amount of protein
consumed that affects osteoporosis.  SAD eaters usually will eat a lot
more protein than vegans/vegetarians.  (I think Dr. McD quoted a study
in one of his books regarding this.)  So, although vegans will eat
more protein than is necessary, they will consume far less than SAD
eaters do.  Dr. Pinckney, maybe you could do a better job explaining
this than I can?