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Good bye Pessimism-Hello Optimism

So I asked myself, if God is everywhere and God is Perfect Love
expressing with Perfect Intelligence, why would I think that God is not
in the food I eat or has suddenly turned mean or stupid and therefore
Which is what I really say when I tell myself with every mouthful about
all the dire things that will happen to me because of it. Kind of like
cursing myself, the food, which in a way is also cursing God?
Frightening thought to be aware of.
Of course I didn't mean it 'that way', but what other way could it be
understood by my ever-present/alert sub-conscious? No wonder it acted
exactly as I believed and produced for me the perfect physical
equivalent of my mental image.

Today, no matter how much my 'old' psyche mocks, I choose to reason and
believe that inherent in every substance/circumstance God is PRESENT.
Therefore all that I do can only benefit me, because God is Love, God is
Intelligence  and the two qualities combine to bring about my pleasure
and happiness.
I name this specifically, as Perfect health- Beauty-Comfort. Knowing
that as I love to please those I love, I KNOW THAT GOD LOVES TO PLEASE
Now that I understand this, I go about my day, peacefully with trust
knowing that Love and Intelligence are in charge of guiding me to
enjoying it's gifts.