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Vegetarian Restaurant in Beijing

I was in Beijing in April. The biggest fear in my mind before I arrived
there was the fact that I might not find a vegetarian restaurant. (my
problem is cholesterol). I found an absolutely marvelous one just across the
street from my hotel and will be willing to send info on this very
interesting vegetarian restaurant to anyone interested. In Hong Kong and
also on the mainland the tofu is like nothing I've ever experienced in the
States. At my hotel in Hong Kong one evening, I opened a large covered
container and saw what looked like cream carmel which shimmered softly as I
touched the container. There was a thin sauce which had a brown sugar base
in a small bowl nearby which I spooned over the custard-like tofu. The sauce
appeared to take the place of the carmel sauce that is usually baked with
cream carmel in the West, vis-a-vis the East.  I experienced many variations
of tofu in China and found all to be fresh, soft, smooth and delightful.
Will share the places, if anyone is interested.