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Cheesecake base?

Hi all,

I have just found what sounds like a delicious tofu cheesecake
recipe containing tofu, cottage cheese, banana and lemon juice.
Problem is, the recipe for the base (made of rolled oats) contains
lots of butter.  
Does anyone have a good fat free recipe for cheesecake bases?
If we can find one of these, I'll post the whole recipe in fat-free
format once I've tested it out.

BTW, has anyone else tried a bread-base for vege pies and quiches?
I made a lentil-spinach quiche on the weekend with a bread base and
it was delicious.  Cut crusts off some wholemeal bread slices.  Smear a
little butter or oil spray on your pie dish (sorry to use the BAD ingredients,
but the crusts don't get crisp without it and the whole recipe is still VLF).
Then press slices of bread into the base, overlapping them to cover the
whole base and sides of dish.  Put whatever filling in you like and top with
the bread crusts.  Bake in hot oven until crust is crispy (~30 minutes).  
Makes an excellent alternative to high fat pastry.