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FF: heart healthy

Jeanelle, my heart goes to you and Gary.  Your obviously have courage, or
you wouldn't be a 2 year breast cancer survivor.  I know that courage won't
desert you now, even thought things must look pretty bleak.

The Ornish and McDougall are readily available in most bookstores.  In
additon the American Heart Association has at least one cookbook.  I
imagine they have a web site which you could readily find at
http://www.search.com  .  And our own Dr. Neal Pinckney, heart@xxxxxxxxx,
is with the Healing Hear Foundation of HI and I believe has a list.

So there are resources.  In my prayers.

Gloriamarie, writing to you from San Diego, whre if I didn't know better,
I'd swear it was going to rain...but it never rains here in June.  or July.
or August. or September.

"The moral is, build up that stash. You never know when you're
going to need to knit a scarf for the Dalai Lama." Jean Miles, Edinburgh