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measurements, "fruit cereal"

"Donald E. Stowe" <destowe@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> 1 ounce is equal to about 28.35 g. Setting up a proportion:

Yes, I fell into this trap too.  :-)

I'm kidding of course.  However, in all seriousness, I have found that
following simple tables doesn't always work.  We measure flour by volume,
and the French do it by weight.  Even when you carefully convert, guess
what, the French flour doesn't have the same amount of gluten as the
American flours, so your mileage will vary.  Best idea is to take local
recipes and local measurements (if you can) and follow directions carefully.

At first I found this so frustrating when I lived in France -- none of my
old recipes came out right (note, this is for baking, where recipes are
sensitive, while deciding what fraction of a can of garbanzo beans should be
used is a different and much more tolerant thing).  Then, it became fun.

At any rate, thus far this is off-topic.  To make it on-topic, I submit
a not-much-in-the-house cereal recipe.  I'm traveling a lot, so I come
home sometimes a couple of days at a time, and don't like to have a lot
of things around that spoil.  Even boxes of cereal that go soft.  Here's
what I do for breakfast:

1/2 bowl full of cut fruit (fresh or frozen strawberries, fresh or
    frozen peaches, fresh or frozen blueberries, etc; I use only one
    fruit at a time, and I always have frozen fruit on hand -- that I
    bought in season, washed dried and froze)
wheat bran

Sprinkle the wheat bran on the fruit and microwave about a minute for
fresh fruit, longer for frozen.  You get a nice little "soup" with
both the fiber and sweetness of fruit plus some fiber and substance
from the wheat bran.

Both wheat bran and frozen fruit keeps essentially forever.


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