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For  Marlayn--  I think red wine and honey are okay, except those who are
vegan don't use honey--coconut and olive oil, no.  The list sent out when you
join fatfree has everything listed that is appropriate to use.   Most
substitute fatfree broth or water etc to replace the olive oil in recipes for
saute-ing.  Maybe that will make your recipe okay for the list.

For Sue--  I haven't heard that eggplant juice is toxic--but this may be in
reference to eggplant being one of the nightshade plants and some people do
not eat them, also potato and tomato are nightshade if I remember correctly.
I know that some people who eat macrobiotic diets do not use them, others do

I have never went through the routine of salting and draining etc. eggplant.
I just cut them up for ratatouille (spelling?) and slice for baked recipes.  I
do peel them though, and I never have had a problem with a bitter taste.

Hope this is helpful.

Barbara in FL