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Quantity bean recipe you can freeze

I think these are called Hay Stacks. Others may already be familiar with
this recipe but I have recently discovered it and it has become a
favorite for my family.
I make a large batch of the beans in my crock pot and freeze them in zip
lock bags.
             Hay Stacks

Pinto Beans,as many as you like. I use tons and freeze the leftovers
Herbs and spices of your choice; I use garlic,oregano,basil,S&P to taste
Water,to fill crock pot
Baked,VLF tortilla Chips, Crushed
Nutritional yeast
I put water and beans in my crock pot at night and let them cook all
night long.In morning, I add seasonings and onions.Let cook awhile
longer.When onions are done, I turn crock pot off and remove the beans
we won't eat that night for dinner,along with some liquid. When the
extra beans are cool, I pack them in zip lock bags,expel all the air and
lay them flat on a cookie sheet.Place in freezer. When the beans are
frozen,you can take your cookie sheet out of the freezer.
Crush tortilla chips on your plate. Add beans and liquid on top of
beans.Next add anything else you like. We top it with shredded lettuce
and more onions,nutritional yeast,tomatoes. You could add olives[not low
in fat].
We set everything on the table and each person creates their own as they
like it.
Hope you enjoy!.
Susan Chaires