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Ramen and Dr. Spock

Hi all-
	First, for whoever asked about ramen noodles, yes-Campbell's does make a
lowfat version, but they taste different and still too high in fat for this
list, I believe. Also, since you asked, the fat is in the noodles (they're
fried) but lots of the salt is in the broth/spice mix thing.
	A second comment-I know that some of y'all are attempting to raise kiddies
on a vegetarian or vegan diet and as I was perusing the newspaper this
Saturday, I read that the last book that Dr. Spock wrote, which has
recently been published, advocates a vegan diet for children (even under
the age of 3) and gives some guidelines, etc. Naturally, the paper
completely bashed poor Dr. Spock, who, according to the story, had become a
vegan himself in the last years before he died (at like, 92 yoa) and
experienced a increase in his quality of life and decided that such a diet
would be good for kids, too. So, if you're interested, you may want to look
at the book. Sorry, I don't remember the title.