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I just wanted to address Elizabeth's question about how to tell if plantains
are ripe.  Plantains are a great food, and can be used either green or brown.
In the green state, they are more starchy - like a vegetable, and in the brown
state, they are more sweet, like a bananna.  As a savory green they can be
baked, fried (never!) or sauteed (my preference) very nicely in a non-stick
pan.  As a sweet brown, you can bake with them and eat them as is.

I wanted to thank all of the posters how much I appreciate the ABM ff recipes!
I revieved the parts for my machine 2 weeks ago, and I will NEVER buy another
loaf of bread!  The unsweetened applesauce works wonderfully as a fat
substitute, and the tips I have recieved from readers has been invaluable!
One question, though, when I make the whole wheat loaves, I find that the top
of the loaf collapses.  What could be causing this?  
Have  a great day!
Amy W.