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Re: tortillas

>For Zoe, who wants to make corn tortillas: Couldn't you
>buy them in quantity when you do get to your source,
>then freeze them?  That's what I do with supermarket
>tortillas.  I don't even try to keep them on the
>counter; they go stale before I even decide which night
>I'm planning to use them.  But in the freezer, they
>keep for a long time and are easy to defrost--really
>just take minutes.
I think I missed the tortilla discussion, but rather than buy fresh, I buy
packaged tortillas from the dairy case (fat free) and use them as I need
them.  They have both corn and flour tortillas available.  This didn't used
to be the case (in western NC), but we have a larger Hispanic community and
with that, more access to wonderful ethnic food.

Diane in NC