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shrinking digests

Yes Ruth, I've too have noticed that the digests have been getting smaller.
As a long time member of the list, but more of a reader than a contributer,
I thought it only fair I throw in a post to try and "grow" the digest back
to it's former healthy size.

My Turkish friends squeeze plain old lemon juice, mixed with a little white
vinegar and cracked pepper over salads. Being a big "creamy" dressing fan I
kind of turned up my nose at what I thought was such a bland notion. Now, I
sprinkle the same mix on everything!

One of my favourite ways to use it:

Chop some tomatoes, onions, green capsicums, (bell peppers), celery and
some cucumbers, mix together and pour the lemon juice/vinegar /pepper mix
over top.

You can eat immediately, or let sit for at least an hour to "marinate".

I now serve it as a side dish with any meal -  as an addition to regular
salads, even with pasta dishes. The lemon/vinegar mix adds a really fresh,
cleansing, bite. Perfect as an accompanyment to spicey meals. It only takes
about 5 minutes to make, and is just the dish to make when you need that
one extra thing to complete the meal.

It's important to note that fresh lemons work best. In desperation I once
used lemon juice from a bottle and it just didn't cut it.

Leanne M. Reidy
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