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Popcorn question

>I wanted to share a pretty successful method I've found for salting
>oil-free microwave popcorn. Put about a teaspoon of water in a bowl and
>lots of salt. Mix well. Add the unpopped kernals and toss in the salt
>water. Place in microwave popper (I use the Orville Reddenbacher brand),
>and pop as usual. The popcorn isn't quite as fluffy as usual, but it's
>salty! Next time I'll try soy sauce and see how that works.

I'm interested to know what a "microwave popper" is  ( do I assume
correctly that this is a device?  If so,  where one can obtain one?).  I
would love any tips on making popcorn without all of that oil and any
advice would be appreciated!  Thanks!