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I am new to the list.  Thanks to everyone for sharing your recipes.  I
am always looking for quick and easy recipes for those hectic dinners
after a full day of work.  Plus recipes that appeal to kids.  

My favorite tofu dish is from a local Chinese Restaurant.  It's called
home style bean curd.  It has a variety of vegetables, chunks of tofu,
and a nice semi-spicy sauce.  Does anyone have ideas on how to make this
at home?  

Plus, a question on tofu.  What is the fat content on tofu?  I had
always thought it was fairly high in fat.  Does it make a difference it
it's soft of firm?

And finally :-)
It seems like there is a mailing list out there more focused on
vegetarian lifestyles.  Does anyone have information on this list?  I
think it's called Veg Life... but I'm not sure.