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Tofu + Asian Noodles

Dana asked about using tofu:

I like to cut extra firm tofu into rectangular 1/3inch thick slices,
press out extra water with a kitchen towel, and then bake on a Pam-ed
sheet till crisp. They taste delicious with sweet chilli sauce.
Sometimes I throw a bunch of the baked tofu pieces into a Chinese
stir-fry, with cauliflower, broccoli, slices of carrot, mushrooms, and

Soft sillken tofu is wonderful when cubed & used in Japanese style miso
soup, Chinese clear broth, and scrambled with egg substitutes & sliced

For Zoe who asked about Asian noodles:

It depends on what kind of Asian noodles you use. My fave is Vietnamese
flat rice noodles, that are translucent when uncooked & turns whitish
after boiling. I make a broth with vegetarian beef bouillon cubes, some
Chinese "chye sim" vegies, mushroom, onions, loads of ground black
pepper and red pepper flakes.

If you use ramen style noodles, try using vegetable stock cubes to make
a broth and add in other ingredients like tofu cubes, mushrooms, green
beans, leafy vegies... to you taste. Or you can do it like the way I
always do - cook noodles till soft, drain, set aside. Meanwhile prepare
a "sauce" with vegetarian oyster sauce, some soy sauce, mushrooms, cubed
firm tofu, sugar (or brown sugar), pepper and chilli flakes. Mix well
with noodles, adding a little of the liquid used to cook the noodles if
it gets too dry. This goes VERY well with steamed Chinese wonton
dumplings (I think you call them pot stickers).

Hope that helped.