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Re: Sweet potato recipe, RecipeCalc 98

Hi, All,

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.  My boys are at camp and I went to
the shore (three hours away!) with two friends for the first time since I was
a teen, which is longer ago than I like to think!

I found a great recipe in the archives (www.fatfree.com) a while back that
uses vegan sausage, apples and sweet potatoes.  It's not a dessert, obviously,
but it is on the sweet side with the fruit.  I just know I really enjoyed it,
is all.

> From: "K.T." <kqt1411@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>  Anyone have any good sweet potato recipes? I seem to have this habit of
>  picking a couple up, baking them, and then not knowing what to do with
>  them... All I can ever find are recipes for sweet dishes.
Then, for those people thinking about MasterCook, I don't know how expensive
the program is but I have one that only cost $15 US dollars that works very
nicely, I think.  I sent the info on to Phil-the-college-student who seemed to
appreciate it.  You can download a trial version or view a demo at:


If you have any serious questions or problems with the software, the author
leaves an email address and I know from experience that he's very nice and
very helpful.  Have fun!