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Re: Let's talk rice

> From: "Felicia K. Wdowiak" <feliciakw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> how do the other types of rice stack up?

I'm Chinese & live in Singapore. Rice is our staple food here. We generally eat
white jasmine rice (imported from Thailand), but some families eat unpolished rice.

Rice is nutritious, filling, low in cholesterol & fat. I feel it doesn't matter
which type you choose to eat, just enjoy the one you like best! Vary the type of
rice you use with different dishes, you'll get different results! I like unpolished
rice in my pasta salads, coz they have a crunchy texture & replaces nuts. I love
sushi short grained rice, if I'm making sushi, I don't rinse it before cooking, if
I'm making don (rice to go with other vegetables), I rinse them ONCE before adding
water to cook. Rinsing removes the gluten a little, and it's not so starchy & taste
wonderful. Use jasmine rice Chinese style, with Indian curry, to make "fried" rice,
rice pudding or cook with some red adzuki beans / sweet potatoes and have some
flavoured rice.

IMO, the type of rice I eat doesn't really up my nutrition intake. It's what you
eat WITH the rice. Like tofu stir fries, lady finger-eggplant curry, BAKED BEANS

Enjoy your rice!