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Yves products etc

I have found that Safeway does carry some Yves products but generally
keeps them, soy cheese and tofu next to the produce section in an open
refrigerated case. They don't carry much so look carefully. At one
point, they actually had them in the produce section near those packaged
bags of salad.

I am seeing mainstream supermarkets carrying more veggie burgers and
dogs but they put them in different places all over the market. One
Giant supermarket near me has a vegetarian/organic section(amy's
high-fat stuff, veggie pockets,some cascadian veggies) in one freezer
section, around the corner in a different aisle they have all veggie
burgers, green giant harvest stuff and morningstar farms  items in the
middle of frozen breakfast items and recently added a few packages of
Smartdogs right in the middle of regular hot dogs which is all the way
at the other end of the market . Other veggie stuff is put under special
signs near similar regular products(Barbara cereal's in the cereal
aisle, Fantastic Foods and Nile Spice in the soup aisle). I suggested to
the manager that the  frozen items be consolidated in one place but it
comes from the powers above.

I am anxiously awaiting the opening of Trader Joe's here in Maryland and
just hope the prices won't be too much higher than Connecticut.

Andrea Kline