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Yves in the east

On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, Michael M. Rosenblatt wrote:

> We looked for Yves products in the supermarkets back east, but had a
> hard time finding them. They are available widely in Seattle, Oregon and
> California. Most supermarkets had no idea what they were. Yves makes
> vegetarian "sausages" and cold cuts. Many are a bit high in sodium, but
> contain virtually no fat. They are all soy derived. I don't understand
> why I couldn't get them back East. Perhaps I went to the wrong
> supermarkets.

I don't have any trouble getting Yves products here in (metropolitan)
North Carolina.  While I haven't seen it widely in mass-market grocery
stores, it's available in several health food stores.  But, if you're on a
trip, it's a lot easier to find a Food Lion or Harris Teeter than a HFS.  
My guess is that there aren't enough vegetarians in the general population
here for specialty products to be available in the big supermarkets.

Susan "More Yves pepperoni, please!" Lehman
UNC-Chapel Hill