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While I don't have a recipe for rusk, to me that says
Zwieback, and that means twice-baked!

I have had good success with just placing sliced bread on
oven shelves (or cookie-cooler racks if they are smaller
pieces), turn the oven onto 250 degrees (F), and just let
them bake until they are dried out.  These make wonderful
dunkers, baby chewers, and you can get a wonderful
cinnamon/sugar version by lightly spritzing with water and
then sprinkling with a sugar/cinnamon mixture before

If you want a special size, bake your own loaf of no-fat
whole wheat bread (using plenty of yeast for a good rise),
after it has baked and cooled, slice it to the size you
want (it will wind up smaller) and bake a second time, as

Jo in Minnesota