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Re: China (Long)

> >We are going to China and Bangkok in the spring.  Does anyone know if we
> >will have difficulty getting veggies and rice without oil.  What about
> >tofu.  We eat a VERY LOW Fat diet.  Also, any restaurants that people
> >can suggest in the major cities?

Oh yes, you're going to have trouble getting FF food and vegetarian meals
in these 2 countries. 

The Chinese are big on meat... we have a saying that translates directly
into "Big Fish Big Meat", to describe a good meal. There're loads of
vegetarians in China, but very few vegans, since the Chinese who adopt
vegetarianism do it mostly for religious reasons and very seldom for
health. I avoid Chinese vegetarian food like the plague, even in Singapore.
It may be vegetarian, but it will almost always have more oil in it than if
the same dish had meat in it. Vegies are eaten stir fried (with ALOT of
oil) in the Chinese cuisine. They believe that the thick layer of oil keeps
the vegies from turning yellow or soggy, and gives the dish a "smooth
finish". Fake meat is always deep fried gluten, which they add to most
vegie dishes. Don't forget that most dishes will also come with a generous
sprinkle of sesame oil, and fried shallots. Even the bread has oil in it.
Don't even think of asking for steamed vegies with the sauce on the side,
the restaurant staff will STARE at you and you might end up creating the
impression that the people from your country are really fussy. Most GOOD
Chinese chefs I know are the stubborn type, and doesn't like people to tell
them how they should cook the dishes. Moreover, the vegies are likely to
come to your table steamed but coated with a thick layer of oil, with the
sauce at the side.

As for the Thais, they cook most dishes with chili, and usually "has to"
fry the chili in oil to bring out the flavour. Don't forget the amount of
coconut milk Thais use in their cooking too.

I seriously can't think of any good advice for you, other than cooking your
own meals. If you're going to be with company who will be unlikely to go in
search of FF-friendly restaurants/food with you, then make sure you bring
your own snacks/food. I was on a road trip in Western Australia in May/Jun
and every meal would be roadhouses' greasy chicken rolls or fish & chips. I
stocked up on Special K cereal, fruit, canned beans, bread and FF cheese
(whenever I could find a Coles/Foodland mart) and basically lived on those.


Look your best -- who said love is blind?  
-- by Mae West

Karen Lim              singapore