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anyone have a rusk recipe ?

Hi all and happy Friday ! (yea )

Years ago I lived in Huntington, Long Island and visited a health food
store that sold
the best whole wheat rusk I have ever in my life eaten. These rusk were
not commercially
made ...not packaged I mean. They came from a neighborhood bakery
nearby. each rusk was
aprox 4 inches long and perhaps 1/2 inch thick . these rusk were sold in
a barrel that stated:
fat free whole wheat rusk - 10 to 15 calories apiece. ( hmmmm, I wonder
). They were similar in shape and texture to a biscotti.  
Is there any hope that maybe in this wealth of knowledge out there,
someone might know how to make these or something similar ? 
Thank you all in advance for sharing and for caring. I love this list !!
Lynne Ross

Stay tuned and stay in touch !  
( smile )