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oat milk + popcorn salting solution

Gayle asked:

>>While perusing the grocery shelves the other day-I discovered, next to 
soy and rice milk, something called Oat Milk. ... was wondering if anyone 
has tried Oat milk and if they have anything postive to say about it.<<

I've tried it and found it too bitter. In fact, the only thing I could 
successfully use it on was oatmeal. I didn't try it in recipes.

I wanted to share a pretty successful method I've found for salting 
oil-free microwave popcorn. Put about a teaspoon of water in a bowl and add 
lots of salt. Mix well. Add the unpopped kernals and toss in the salt 
water. Place in microwave popper (I use the Orville Reddenbacher brand), 
and pop as usual. The popcorn isn't quite as fluffy as usual, but it's 
salty! Next time I'll try soy sauce and see how that works.

Karen B.