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Re: Spices

If you did not use all these spices before you became a
vegetarian, it is not surprising that you don't like them
now.  I've been experimenting with this problem for a couple
of months and finally decided that the best way to deal with
spices in recipes is to ignore them, - just leave them out
entirely.  In many cases this works quite well.  Sometimes it
doesn't, but if the recipe tastes bad you probably won't be able
to hide that with spices anyway.

Yes, I agree with you.  If the same spices are used in different
dishes they tend to taste alike.  However, the folks who like
spices don't seem to have this problem.  Try lots of things and
go with whatever works for you.

>My opinion as to the reduction in postings:  A lot of people
>are sick of the hot spices in eveything!  It all tastes alike!
>Yuk!  I make this comment with the hope that this will soon end!
>At the same time, I thank everyone who has been helpful with
>suggestions and comments.  This list has given me a lot of
>support.  It is difficult to change one's habits but this group
>has really helped me.  Thanks to everyone.