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Hot and Spicy recipes - Lois, you can use them! Really!

Trends in cooking are like trends in everything else.  Hot and Spicy is the
"in" thing as an attempt to replace the thick and creamy dishes of
yesteryear - those are too fatty and do not go with our active lifestyles.
Now, we still crave flavor, and hot is a way to do this without a lot of
effort.  Nonetheless, there are those who like it just fine.
You can use the hot dishes too.  I have to tone down my "heat" when cooking
- here's what I do when I am cooking a fave hot dish for those who don't
particularly like hot:  I determine whether sweet and sour, lemon, Mrs.
Dash or some other spice mix may compliment my "unheated" hot and spicey
dish.   Spike is a good one for this.  It seems to take a dish that was
meant for heat and turn it out quite nicely without the capiscum - the heat
- in peppers.
I am afraid that I do not agree with any suggestion that says people should
not post something because I don't like it.  For one: I would love it if
folks would not post dairy recipes because I cannot use dairy under any
circumstances.  But the use of the list is varied, as are the folks who
read the posts, so tolerance of that which we don't like is actually best.
Besides, a post of something I won't use can still have a hint, a cooking
method or a mixture of flavors that I can use elsewhere.
Keep enjoying the list and all that it presents.  Ignore that which you
don't like and live it up with the things you do like.  And, please, post,
post, post your suggestions on methods and flavor ideas and all that good
stuff.  We need to hear everyone's ideas.  That's what this is all about.