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Re: Sweet potatoes

On Mon, 6 Jul 1998, K.T. wrote:

> Anyone have any good sweet potato recipes? I seem to have this habit of
> picking a couple up, baking them, and then not knowing what to do with
> them... All I can ever find are recipes for sweet dishes.
I generally eat sweet potatoes two ways--either straight from oven
as part of a dinner, or baked and chilled for dessert.  When I eat
them for dessert I just cut them in half, spoon out the meat, and
then eat the skin.  They are sweet enough that they don't need
any additional seasoning.

I did use some in a potato salad I made a couple of days ago--
sweet potatoes, white potatoes, and a couple of yellow beets
with a dressing of mustard, a little maple syrup, and rice vinegar.

Jane Colman