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at the cottage

I can't be the only one with this quandary!  I'll be at a cottage with a
bunch of in-laws in two weeks, and I don't know how to deal with food!
If I bring supplies to feed only the two of us, they'll use our food or
I'll feel stingy.  If I bring enough to fix dinner for everyone each
night, there won't be room enough in the fridge - and I really can't
afford to subsidize the groceries for the whole crew. I'm trying to
think of foods that do not require refrigeration to stow in a box that
will provide the two of us with breakfast and lunch, and ingredients for
a few dishes to pass at the shared dinners.  So far, I plan to pack
aseptic packages of Mori-nu lite tofu, pasta, canned no-oil "refried"
black beans, canned garbanzo beans, ww bread, brown rice cakes, &
barley.   We won't be close to a grocery, but I figure to make one trip
for produce as we arrive.   I'm thinking of making a barley/veggie pilaf
to pass one night, maybe garbanzous (hummous sans tahini & oil) & pitas
on another.  
Any suggestions on simple recipes that don't use too many fresh foods or
require more than a minimal kitchen?  The water supply is uncertain, so
I plan to at least steam all foods - no salads.  I also want to be
careful not to acquire the "camp cook" designation in this family of
cheerful users - I'll do one dish, but others have to kick in at every
single meal.    

Of course, I COULD sit on a large rock saying om at dinnertime and eat
only rice cakes.  It's an idea.