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Re: Spices

I agree with Lois on this one.  Neither I nor my children
like "burney" food, and everything recently seemed to have this


Yes, I agree also with Felicia who suggests that the recipes can be
adapted to suit. This is great for those experimental and inventive
cooks who can _do_ this.  Many people can't or don't know how to.
Perhaps some tips on what substitutes have been used in any specific
_spicy_ recipe currently being posted would help. (I know the issue
has been raised before, but newcomers to the list would probably

A huge thank you to all of you for your great recipes spicy and
otherwise *wave*.

BTW, I have been passing many of the recipes on to our Mindlink
Foundation group who are all "newbie" vegetarians and they have all
said they didn't know vegetarians ate so well *grin*.

Fran Watts

"Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune."

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From: L. F. LaFountain <fogt.lafountain@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Date: 19 July 1998 10:27
Subject: Spices

>My opinion as to the reduction in postings:  A lot of people are
sick of
>the hot spices in eveything!  It all tastes alike!  Yuk!  I make
>comment with the hope that this will soon end!
>At the same time, I thank everyone who has been helpful with
>and comments.  This list has given me a lot of support.  It is
difficult to
>change one's habits but this group has really helped me.  Thanks to