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hI ALL - personally, I enjoy the spices and find quite a variety in
tastes - but to each her own taste-buds and there's room for us all!
	We had fresh fruit salad w/ juice of 1 lime squeezed over all for zing
and sparkel...veggie sausage patties today for brunch, with egg-beater
omelets:  sprayed the pan lightly w/ PAM, added 1 carton (4 "eggs"
worth) of egg beaters and let it cook on low until partially set; then
added left over chopped broccoli and some sweet red pepper slices, and
salt and pepper and 2 Tblsp of ff grated cheeses...covered and let fully
set...we also had ff bread that I made last night in the bread machine
for toast w./ yummy rasberry preserves - fit for hungry royalty!!  we
like big Sunday brunches after church with family -- happy eating to
all!  diana in st. louis