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Re: Crispy oriental salad recipe

Here it is - I didn't copy the orginal poster's name - sorry  = - [

   1		cup		leaf lettuce -- torn
   1		cup		chinese cabbage -- torn
   1		cup		bean sprouts
   1/2	cup		snow peas -- trimmed
   1/2	cup		bamboo shoots -- canned
   1/4	cup		carrots -- thinly sliced
   1/4 	cup 	celery -- thinly sliced
   1/4	cup		chopped broccoli
    3	TB		soy sauce
    3	TB		rice vinegar
    2	TB		water
    1/4	tsp		minced garlic
    1/4	tsp		ginger root -- minced

Combine all vegetables in large bowl.  Toss to mix and set aside.  Combine
rest of ingredients for dressing in a blender or a small jar.  Process briefly
or shake well to combine.  Pour over salad and toss to coat.  Serve at once.
Calories 39.4  Fat  .3g  Carbo 7.5g  Fiber  26g  Sodium  693g  Potassium 329g