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question on rice, other comments

Hi all--

With apologies to those of you in the Southern hemisphere, I have to
say that it has been so hot here in the San Fernando Valley area of
Los Angeles (108 F yesterday) that no one has been willing to turn the
range or oven on for weeks.  Consequently, I tried to make a big pot
of rice in our crockpot.  I added 4 cups brown rice and 8 cups water
and cooked on low for 5 hours.  When I got home, I found that the top
of the pot was mushy almost beyond recognition and the bottom was way
underdone.  What did I do wrong?  Too much volume?  Should I stir? 
Advice would be appreciated!

Re: soy milk.  The Veggies Unite webpage (www.vegweb.com) has recipes
for rice and soymilk (look under something like "dairy alternatives"
in the recipe archive).  They do sound fairly complex, and I've never
tried them.  I prefer to buy packaged varieties because they're
usually enriched with the calcium and vit D I have a hard time getting
enough of with my vegan diet.

Suggestions for squash:  this is pretty basic, but my favorite way to
eat zucchini is with pasta in a good tomato sauce.  I also added some
to a lentil stew once with good results.  Try some yellow squash in
your next veggie stir fry--it's the best.

Everyone have a lovely day--

Laura in LA

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