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Re: Fat Free Feta

For Frieda Landry, looking for President Fat Free Feta:

I have the information on the Fat Free Feta. I live in Wisconsin 
where it's made and I also have not been able to find it in any store, 
even the natural food store where I usually find this kind of thing. 
I ordered some through a food buying co-op I belong to and it is quite 
good, although it tastes rather salty to me (although I'm not used to 
using it normally so maybe it is a salty cheese that I'm not used to).  
I had bought it to use in a special foccacia recipe and it did seem to 
"melt" well in the dough.

Here is the information from the package:
President Fat Free Feta 
Authentic Greek Style Cheese
Distributed by Bresner USA Inc.
P.O. Box 347
Belmont, WI 53510
(No phone number listed)

Here are the nutritional facts:
Contains pasteurized non-fat skim milk, salt, cheese cultures, 
corn starch, enzymes, vitamin A palmitate, color added.
Per ounce (package contains 8 oz)
Calories    30
Total Fat    0
Cholesterol  0
Sodium      450mg
Carb        2g
Fiber       0g
Sugars      Less than 1g
Protein     6g
Vitamin A   20%
Vitamin C   0%
Calcium     10%
Iron        0%

Good luck in your search!

Natalie in Milwaukee