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Re: recipes & bugs

> 1) to kim who wanted to know what people do with their recipes:
> i print out the ones that look interesting, cut them out and put them in 
> a photo album (the kind with the sticky pages) .  the first half is 

What a wonderful idea!  I think I'm going to do that, too... I don't think
there's ANY hope of me getting them into a cookbook program anymore!

> 2) bugs - last week i made cous cous for dinner.  i bought the c.c. in a 
> bag instead of a box.  when i was measuring out how much i needed, i 
> noticed about four black bugs.  two were little worm-like creatures and 
> the other two looked like fleas.  i apologize if anyone is eating while 
> they're reading this!  what are they?  i didn't tell my husband and went 
> ahead and made it.

Icky!  I had a similar experience while making maraconi and nut. yeast
sauce for the first time.  It was all full of nicely dehydrated maggot
criiters.  I threw the whole pot out and haven't eaten nutritional yeast

-Sarah G. AKA Sandta Mort