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Cheap delicious saffron rice dishes

Hello everyone - I use the Vigo yellow rice seasoning mix instead of just
expensive saffron to make yellow rice dishes. The seasoning comes in a 3 by
5 inch bright yellow packet, about 1/4 inch thick, and cost about 65 cents.

Inside there are 4 packettes, each packette seasons 1 pound of rice. That
comes to about 17 cents to season 1 pound of rice - a steal compared to
buying yellow rice already seasoned.

The contents of the packette is as follows:
Paprika, Corn starch, F.D. & C. yellow #5, Artificial food color, monosodium
glutamate, and SAFFRON. Remember, it only takes a small amount of saffron
for a recipe. Sometimes you might choose not to use a whole packette in a

I have made many rice dishes with this product, including Arroz Con Pollo
(chicken & yellow rice) - delicious. I also put this into anything that
calls for saffron. I make a delicious catfish soup using this product. Put
this on your very best buy list.

You can most times find this at your big supermarkets in the foreign foods
section, or a Latin food store. Look good because it's small. Good luck -
Cajun Joe