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nutritional yeast and yeast extracts

Jayne asked about what nutritional yeast is and what purposes it serves.
Nutirional yeast is basically a non-leavening yeast grown on molasses that
is used as a flavor enhancer (tastes "cheesy" or "nutty") and source of B
vitamins.  A special brand of Red Star yeast (T6500 or something like that)
is a good source of B-12, but not all nutrional yeasts are.

Autolyzed yeast extract is another common food/flavor enhancer yeast.  You
might see it as an ingredient in barbeque flavor potato chips.

For more information than you'd probably ever want on yeast extracts, check out:


It gives you all sorts of information on how different yeasts are grown and
harvested and what they are used for.


Lisa T. Bennett (ltbennett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)