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Re: Chipolte Peppers

This is in reply to Patti's Question about chipolte peppers. I'm not
completely sure, but I think they are a type of pepper that has been
smoked and dried to achieve a mellow smoky pepper flavor for NW type
cooking. I think you can get them both in the dried form and also in a
type of sauce called adobo paste. Please, if anyone knows differently
than what I have said, correct me, and if you have any other info send it
along also, as I am interested in NW cooking as well.  Take care, all! 
Mary Sue, In waiting for spring, Strafford, NH
Oh...almost forgot----When in San Luis Obispo over the holidays my
husband and I went into a little place across from Starbuck's in this
little square around the corner from Fresh Choice ( a great place to eat
for "veggies" ) .Any way, this place (can't remember the name) makes the
greatest "wrap" type of sandwiches we have ever seen. They are like a
HUGE burrito wrapped in a chipolte pepper flavored flour tortilla. They
have several kinds, and will make them meatless or use tofu or seitan as
a meat "substitute". If you are ever in San Luis it's a good place to
visit. I'll ask my daughter what the name of the place is.   Be Well!