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Hi all,

I know we had this thread about 6 months ago (when it was summer for most of
you) and I saved alot of it...in such a safe place I have lost it!  It is
summer here, and I am going on  a 2 week "windsurfing safari" around the remote
South Island (New Zealand) lakes...The priority for stuff to go in the vehicle
is w/surf gear, tent etc so I want to take food that takes up as little space
as possible (and not spend the earth either!).  At the moment I only have a
little gas stove but may have to get something better.  The trip is for 2
weeks, will probably find it relatively easy to stock up on fruit and  veges
every day or 2 when we pass through small towns.  Someone suggested some
mixtures of rice etc in ziplock bags??  Bearing in mind that the only dried
veges we can get are potato (never eating that again I said on school camp
about 10 years ago!), peas, beans, onions, garlic.  Suggestions???
Also, I have heard you can get hummus and felafel and other similar mixes where
you just add water?  We can't get them here...how would you make them?
The person travelling with me is SAD...won't normally eat a meal without
meat...but has conceded that this may be difficult...I suggested TVP (is that
tha same as :"bacon bits" like it says on the bin in the supermarket?)...but
because I have never had any desire to eat anything tasting like bacon I never
kept any chilli recipes etc that were posted here with them in.  Help?
Also any suggestions other than chilli bins to keep stuff fresh!