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Low Price V-Slicer / Benriner?

I've read words of great praise here for the Borner
V-Slicer and the Benriner, and I'd like to find a good
source for them -- either mail-order or SF Bay area --
at prices less than Sur La Table's $44.95 (the
V-Slicer) if possible.

Also -- ran across both the "New Benriner" (about 2.5
inches across and about $40 in the one store I've
found it in so far) and the "Super Benriner" (about 4
inches and $70). The size and price appeared to be
the only differences ... Has anyone sorted out the
various Benriners? Are there reasons to prefer one to
the other?

Joshua Newman
Mail to joshua@xxxxxxxxxxxxx will always reach me.