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sweet w/o sugar

> 3. Eat more naturally "sweet" starches, like corn, yams, or sweet potatoes.
>    Try baking a batch of yams in  a 350 degree oven for an hour, or until
>    nice and soft and juicy (I wrap them in foil and bake on a cookie
>    then put them in an easily accessible bowl in the fridge. I eat them like
>   candy, skin and all, and they have never failed to satisfy my sweet tooth.

I put my yams in a 390 oven for 3 hours -- they really candy-up that
way.  I keep them in the fridge (what little is left after I've had my
first "taste") and eat them as a treat.

If you need sweet things, bananas are also very high in sugar.  Slice
a half a banana lengthwise and stick it in the microwave for 30 seconds
or so to make it taste even sweeter than it does at room temp (it also
gets liquidy).  For a real treat, add some cocoa powder and stir it
together.  Also, frozen bananas taste just like ice cream to me.

There are lots of very naturally very sweet things -- you can easily
overdose on "sugar" without adding any pure sweeteners!


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