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Re: Philadelphia Veggie Restaurants

I work right on the edge of Philly's Chinatown - although every restaurant
there offers vegetarian selections, there are several excellent ones that are
totally vegetarian -

Cherry Street Chinese - 1/2 block from convention center on Cherry Street -
look for big yellow sign
Harmony - on 9th Street, one-half block off Cherry Street
Singapore - on Race Street (near 11th, I think)
Of these, I think Singapore is my favorite (but all are excellent), but I
don't get there as much since it is the furthest. All will make fatfree
selections and usually understand if you mention "Ornish" or "McDougall."

There's also a new one on 11th Street just off the corner from Cherry called
- I think - Kingdom of Vegetarians - but I haven't tried it yet.

You can park in our lot (a public one) at the College of Podiatric Medicine
on Cherry between 8th and 9th and it is convenient to all these places. Cost
is reasonable - $4 or $4.50 I think (I have a monthly pass).

For nonChinese vegetarian eating, try the restaurant in the Essene natural
food store (quite elegant) in South Philly or Mary's (homey, small, make
reservations) in Roxborough.

If you will be eating during the day, you can always try the Reading Terminal
Market - Jill's Vorspeice is my favorite (fantastic vegetarian soups and
entries, many lowfat) and there is a vegetarian place that makes yummy
burgers and other things. Or you could always try a vegetarian hoagie. The
atmosphere is not elegant, but it is fun and if you have several folks in
your party with different tastes, everyone can do his own thing and you can
still eat together.

Have fun! Let me know where you end up.

Kate_Lutzner@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Kate Lutzner
> 01/02/98 05:14 PM
> I'm going to Philadelphia for the day tomorrow (sorry for the short
> notice!) and would love suggestions as to veg/lf friendly restaurants.
> We'll probably only have time to go to one, so your favorite/s suggestion
> is most welcome!
> Thanks.
> Kate

Judy Kelius