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Cleaning burned pressure cooker

Hello Neil - No matter what you do it will never LOOK THE SAME, but if
you're successful. it will cook the same. In the end it may be pitted. What
ever method you use that brings you some success, keep repeating the

Scrape out all you can, put 1 1/2 inch of ammonia & water in it, and put it
under pressure (do not use soap for this, it might come out the top). Let it
cook for 15 minutes.

I have had some success with soaking the pot in a strong solution of water,
dish detergent, and ammonia over night. The next day you empty the pot, then
scrape everything you can off the bottom with a knife, rense, then add some
soap, then use a green Scotch Brite scouring pad - rense.

Make another small mixture of water, dish detergent, and ammonia, then boil
that in the pot on the stove for about 5 minutes or more. Make sure it
doesn't boil dry.

At this point it should be relatively clean but still discolored. If it is
this way - leave it this way - it will probably get cleaner as you cook in

If it's still real bad looking, spay it with a heavy coating of oven
cleaner, and let it stay over night again - then scrape & clean. If some of
the residue came off but not all - repeat process as long as each time some
residue comes off. Careful with the oven cleaner, don't spray on the
outside, it will discolor aluminum.

As a last resort:
It's hard for me to suggest at this point, because I don't know how the pot
will look - but here goes. Try a hand held wire brush (use gloves).

Also - if you have a drill, get you a small wire brush to put on the end of
it, and try to fix it with that. Don't use water while using this method -
you might get shocked.
As a very last resort:

Use a butane small tank type blow torch, heat and wire brush, and scrape.
Don't let it get too hot using this method - don't burn yourself.

As and ultra last resort:
Bring it to a machine shop and ask if they can clean it for you. They may be
able to remove / cut off, a small amount of the aluminum bottom inside of
the pot with a lathe, which shouldn't harm the pot.

What's most important is that you will be able to cook in it. Please let me
/ us know if you were able to solve the problem, and how you did it.

Neil - when you go to the machine shop, let your lower lip hang down, and
look real despondent. They may feel sorry for you and clean it for nothing.
Ha!      Happy New Year      Cajun Joe