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Vege sandwich

Hi all,

I hope you have all had an enjoyable holiday time, and are not making too
many new years resolutions!

I went away for Christmas (camping by the beach) and had the yummiest
lunch, which could easily be made low fat.   Came home and made something
similar, and very delicious and easy.

It was a sandwich on crusty bread, spread with mayo (I used the lowest fat
I could find), topped with crunchy lettuce then cooked veges.  I sliced an
onion, then some red capsicum (?bell pepper) and mushrooms.  Cooked the
onion for a few minutes in just enough water to stop it burning, then added
the capsicum and mushroom and cooked until just soft.  I added a tiny bit
of teriyaki sauce while cooking and a little bit of garlic.
The vege stuff is then dumped on top of the lettuce and served as an open
sandwich.  Really delicious, and a perfect easy lunch.  

I think you could also add any other veges you fancy, I thought about
zuccini, artichokes, eggplant etc added while cooking, and it would also be
nice topped with a few asparagus spears or some slivers of ff cheese if you
can get it, like it or eat it.

And of course topping it off with some fresh herbs would make it look very
gourmet, maybe something to serve to those people who are a bit sceptical
about healthy food being delicious!!

The original at the cafe also had chicken and toasted cashews, but
obviously those wouldn't suit this group, and I don't think they were
really necessary to make it delicious!  But might be good additions to
serve to others if you choose.

And if you are into roasting or grilling veges like capsicum etc, it would
probably be even more delicious, but my griller hasn't worked for years so
I don't bother about it!

Best wishes to everyone for a happy, healthy and fatfree 1998.

Annabel in Western Australia where it is perfect beach weather!
Annabel Gregory     
(Quilter and Occupational Therapist)   ^^
Perth, Western Australia               >< (
kudu@xxxxxxxxxxxx                     (  ))                 

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