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garlic-dill dip

     Hi.  I was just in the archives and noticed that there was no recipe
     for this, at least that I could find.  I certainly hope that this is
     deemed tasty to everyone.  I guess I missed the party season, though,
     didn't I?

     Garlic-dill dip

     1/2 block of Mori-Nu lite tofu
     1/2 cup yogurt
     2-4 cloves of garlic, depending on taste
     1 tsp. of dill, or to taste (I use lots!)

     Process this for a few seconds until creamy and serve with warm pita
     or carrots and other veggies.  I think it is terrific and very easy.

     Hope it works for everyone!  Also, I was just fortunate to make the
     mushroom pasta recipe the other day.  Kudos to whomever placed that in
     the archives!  My sad boyfriend loved it!

     Thanks for all the recipes, everyone!  I definitely love this list!