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Eliminating dairy

Hi, Laura and all,

Here's to a healthier new year for all of us and our SAD loved ones.  

Laura, I LOVE dairy and haven't been able to eat it for years.  A lot of the
Soymage brand soy cheeses taste like the real thing - my SAD children, who
notice every slight nuance of taste and smell, had no idea it wasn't a dairy
product when I served it on beef (not!) tacos.  I wouldn't recommend Dixie's
Creme-it as a milk substitute (I use Better-than-milk, too) but they did come
out with a non-dairy 'yogurt', which actually tastes more like vanilla
pudding.  As far as frozen ff yogurt, I've switched to sorbet.  It isn't as
creamy, but it helps with the cravings.

For the nice, nameless person who tried to share a black-eyed peas with barley
recipe - you will try to post that again, won't you?  I could barely stand to
decipher it.  I know it wasn't your fault.

P.S. - I just found out they opened a Trader Joe's here in New Jersey, only
about a 30-minute drive from me!!!  I missed the grand opening celebration
last month, but I'm making up my shopping list, now.  I know all you
Californians are crazy about the place - recommendations, please?