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REQUEST: vegan bread pudding

Hi everyone,

First of all, let me (re-) introduce myself. My name is Asha Dornfest, and
I have been an on-and-off member of this list for years. After a long dry
spell being way too involved with other things, I'm back and very happy to
be here.

I am just getting into vegan cooking. I've been a vegetarian for years, but
my husband recently decided to take his lactose intolerance seriously, so
we are experimenting with veganism. (I have learned a lot in the process so
far. Vegan cooking is a challenge, and I found it frustrating at first, but
am learning to enjoy improvising with vegan ingredients.) 

I love bread pudding (and happen to have an extra loaf of bread sitting
here), and was wondering if anyone has a tried-and-true recipe for a vegan
version. I was thinking of replacing the eggs and milk with a combination
of rice milk and silken tofu, but I figured I'd ask here first.



a s h a  d o r n f e s t