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The original Souen closed, but where it was standing is another macro
place, if I remember correctly.  It was there the last time I went home,
anyway... have you been there?  It's called Mana or Manna, and their food
(other than the desserts) is excellent.

> Chinese "Buddhist" cuisine at Vegetarian's Paradise on 33 Mott St. in
> Chinatown (right below Canal St.). I haven't eaten there recently but
> it's sounds like it's still very good. 

VP 3 on Mott street is ALWAYS a good bet, but be warned -- they're
CINSIDERABLY more expensive than the other restaurants in the area!  I
chose to go to a "normal" restaurant for Chinese New Year, and after I
ate, saw them cooking the vegetables in the same water that they cook the
shrimp in.  If you're not vegetarian, it's no big deal, but I am... AND
I'm allergic to shrimp!  I'm only aeating there from now on, or the dim
sum place across the street (called something like Vegetarian Dim Sum
house) and another place.

Oh, ff tip -- if you're looking for a really good, cheap meal, rice
soup, also called porrige or congee or jook, is very tasty!  
Most Chinese places in Chinatown have it.