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Re: Ener G egg replacer

On Mon, 9 Feb 1998 KGuilette@xxxxxxx wrote:

> I just bought a box of Ener G egg replacer. The front (and top) of the box
> says "Contains only 10 calories per serving" The side panel of the box, under
> Nutrition Facts says:       Serving size 1 1/2 teaspoon (4) g
>                          Serving Per Container  114
>                          Amount Per Serving 
>                          Calories  350   

Hmmm, I never noticed this inconsistency.  I checked my box, and couldn't 
find anywhere that they explained the discrepancy.  Bad math!  Bad math!
The mystery continues when you look at the nutritional breakdown on the 
side of the box, where they claim that one 4 gram serving contains 94 
grams of total carbohydrates.  My guess is that the flaw arises from this 
If my memory serves me, fat has nearly the highest number of calories per 
gram at 9 cal/gram.  Even 4 grams of pure fat would have only 36 
calories.  Unless EnerG is made of some wacko material with 90 cal/gram, 
it CAN'T have 350 calories in a 4 gram serving.
What makes the most sense to me is that they mistakenly entered 94g in 
the nutritional spreadsheet when they meant 2.4g.  2.4 g of carbs (at 4 
cal/gram) is 9.6 calories.

Has this mistake been on the box long?  I just bought a new box, so I 
can't compare to my old one.  Anyone have a really old box of EnerG?

Susan "What problem-solving skills! After only 21 yrs of school!" Lehman
UNC-Chapel Hill
Tar Heels #1!