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info request on SLC,Utah

I'm hoping someone can recommend a restaurant for lunch on a
Saturday in Salt Lake City.  We fly in right before lunchtime and 
wanted to spend a couple hours sightseeing before we go skiing for
the week.

My husband (on previous trips) haven't even found any decent SAD places 
around Temple Square.  We can stop anyplace inbetween the airport and 
Temple Sq., we will have a rental car.   

Our preference is for a SAD restaurant that is VLF/vegetarian friendly.
But if it's great vegetarian food my husband will try it (at least once!). 

Please email since I am NOT keeping up with the digest right now :-(

Thanks in advance.

Aiko Pinkoski

PS.I can usually find ok food at ski lodges, but any specific advice on 
restaurants/lodges at Alta, Snowbird, or Solitude is welcome too. I only
have to worry about lunches since our lodging covers breakfasts and dinners
(they promise they can accomodate any dietary preference).